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Churchill Davenport for Kentucky School of Art

We'll take ownership!

We pledge to:

  • Ensure 500 students graduate college by 2020.

Project Description:

KSA will become the premiere institution of higher learning in America for nurturing creative talent, developing visual literacy and integrating multiple disciplines so students are equipped to understand and express the human experience and apply creative thinking in solving human problems. As citizens of our various communities, we are responsible stewards of both our social and environmental relationships. Accordingly KSA provides an incubator for students to be awake, aware, and involved in the community and environment they inhabit. The vision has resulted in the creation of problem solvers who desire to be cultural contributors to our city. By using their art practice as an agent of social change, our students address issues such as: environmental sustainability, climate change, social justice, compassion, and global responsibility. By connecting their visual art to these global issues, they are prepared to become professionally engaged in solving real problems as artists, designers, entrepreneurs, or scholars. Rather than farming out jobs that require sophisticated art and design talent, or flying in creative expertise from major cities, we can educate artists and designers locally and add this talent to an already arts-rich city.


Degrees at Work Employer, 15K Initiative, Latino Success Project, LouCAN