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Kelby Price for Pivyt

We'll take ownership!

We pledge to:

  • Create and support a college-going culture.
  • Use the business community's unique points of leverage to accelerate attainment.
  • Prepare Students for success in college, career, citizenship, and life.
  • Make post-secondary education accessible and affordable.
  • Increase educational persistence, performance, and progress.

Project Description:

Our 1st project builds on the idea of engaging students in education-related dialogue, we are presenting an opportunity for high school students and education advocates to engage with potential JCPS school board members in a forum setting. See below: Student/Candidate Discussion Forum Location: Bomhard Theater at the Kentucky Center for the Arts Date: Friday, November 2, 2012 Time: 10 AM - 12 PM Participants: JCPS School Board Candidates, current high school students, and recent graduates The goal of this forum is to allow current high school students and recent graduates an opportunity to present thir perspectives, ideas, questions and challenges directly to the candidates for Jefferson County Public Schools Board of Education while also giving candidates an opportunity to engage in direct conversation with these students. Students and mentors from schools across the districts are already diligently working in brainstorming sessions which will result in vetted questions and constructive conversation. ______________________________ Our work with students thus far has highlighted the need to align passions of students, educators, and businesses, so following the Forum @ 12 PM, we will be hosting a talk on "Nurturing Entrepreneurial Communities" by Brad Feld (of Foundry & Tech Stars fame) in the effort to bring early-stage business to the conversation. This will kick off our focus on Connecting Passions between Business and Education, and guide our follow-up projects and programs.