Submitted by:

Rachel White for Raspberry Gaming

We'll take ownership!

We pledge to:

  • Create and support a college-going culture.
  • Use the business community's unique points of leverage to accelerate attainment.
  • Prepare Students for success in college, career, citizenship, and life.
  • Increase educational persistence, performance, and progress.

Project Description:

Raspberry Gaming started at a Start Up Weekend in Louisville with our favorite techie kid, Vera Naidu. Since then we have been brainstorming and participating in programs in Jefferson County Schools and surrounding areas. ?Our mission is simple: We want to introduce the world of coding to the youth around us in a fun, intuitive and easy way. We are now opening up public programs to help youth gain technical knowledge of computer sciences while playing,designing and developing video games and the resources to access open source software that turns them into CODING NINJAS.