Submitted by:

Ann Curtis for Teach Kentucky, Inc.

We'll take ownership!

We pledge to:

  • Attract 125 college educated people to Louisville.
  • Create and support a college-going culture.
  • Use the business community's unique points of leverage to accelerate attainment.
  • Prepare Students for success in college, career, citizenship, and life.
  • Increase educational persistence, performance, and progress.

Project Description:

Teach Kentucky recruits high-achieving college graduates to teach in 40 public middle and high schools around the Greater Louisville area, often in low performing schools. Currently, the program has 79 teachers positively impacting the lives of over 10,000 students in classrooms everyday. In addition, 15 have retired from teaching but have remained in Louisville to pursue other professional careers. As an added bonus over the past 12 years, the teachers have brought an additional 61 friends, family, and spouses (also college graduates) to town. Teach Kentucky believes the deep content knowledge can better accommodate the various knowledge levels and learning styles of students, thus effectively raising student achievement and creating a positive learning environment. The teachers also serve as positive role models for attaining a college degree.