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Degrees At Work

Degrees At Work has the goal of helping 3,500 working adults (including 500 minorities) in Greater Louisville complete a bachelor’s degree by 2014. Degrees At Work will:
• Improve the ease with which working adults access the postsecondary system
• Increase the affordability of education
• Promote the adoption of education-friendly programs, policies, and practices among Louisville employers
• Measure and report the completion rates of working-age adults who return to school

Degrees At Work helps to ease the process for returning to school and completing a degree by providing important resources about:
• College Knowledge: How to apply, transfer credits, secure financial aid
• Affordability: How to afford and budget for the cost of education
• Logistics: How to balance the demands of school with the demands of life
• Ongoing Support: How to maintain momentum and direction

Business-Higher Education Forum

BHEF is the nation’s oldest organization of senior business and higher education executives dedicated to advancing innovative solutions to U.S. education and workforce challenges. Composed of Fortune 500 CEOs, prominent college and university presidents, and other leaders, BHEF addresses issues fundamental to our global competitiveness. It does so through two initiatives:
• The College Readiness, Access, and Success Initiative (CRI), addressing college- and work-readiness, access, and success
• The Securing America’s Leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Initiative, promoting America’s leadership in STEM

Strategic ED Solutions

Everyone talks about wanting to improve education, but not everyone agrees on how to accomplish that goal, or even where to start. It can be daunting. Understanding the nature of our education challenges and which strategies work is the first step. ® is a resource for anyone seeking to make a positive impact on — and invest wisely in — P-12 and postsecondary education. Whether you’re a business leader, P-12 or postsecondary education stakeholder, philanthropist, government official or policymaker, or community leader, this site is designed for you. Featured strategies and programs provide the tools users need to replicate successful practices while the share change forum provides a venue for users to relate experiences around a common vision of systemic educational change.

Corporate Voices for Working Families

Founded in 2001, Corporate Voices for Working Families is the leading national business membership organization shaping conversations and collaborations on public and corporate policy issues involving working families. A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, they create and advance innovative policy solutions that reflect a commonality of interests among the private sector both global and domestic, government and other stakeholders.
Corporate Voices provide leading and best-practice employers a forum to improve the lives of working families, while strengthening our nation’s economy and enhancing the vitality of our communities.